The Region

The workshop is situated in the heart of Greek Macedonia; between two plains; there, where the prefectures of Pella and Kilkis meet each other; at the foot of Mount Paiko. The highest peak is at 1650m.

Η οινική παράδοση της περιοχής που ανατρέχει βαθιά πίσω στο χρόνο, διατηρείται ως σήµερα από πλήθος οινοπαραγωγών και έχει εντάξει τα εντάξει τα χωριά του Πάικου στους «Δρόµους του Κρασιού» της Μακεδονίας.

Even if it seems to be lacking in height, it certainly does not lack beauty: Dense forests with beeches, oak trees, and chestnut trees. Lush vegetation traversed by rivers and torrents: all these compose an exquisite natural landscape.

Widely popular for its sources, Mount Paiko, is a fertile mountain which favors the fruit-growing, while its soil is offered for the rare vineyard that gives the widely known “xinomavro” wine, called “Goumenissa”. In this region, the wine tradition is deep rooted and very well preserved over the ages by several viniculturists, who have placed the region to the “Wine Roads of Northern Greece”.

The picturesque town of Goumenissa is situated just 70km far from Thessaloniki. Goumenissa is famous for its raki and good wine, as well as its excellent water, coming directly from the source of Mount Paiko.

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