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Demetra, Anna & Maria

Demetra Dartsi, born and raised in Goumenissa, Kilkis in Central Macedonia, founded «Goumenisses» in 2000.    Inspired by the recipes, of her mother and grandmother and driven by years of knowledge of turning the juicier local fruits and vegetables into sweet marmalades, preserves, sauces and other delicacies, she began sharing with the world, her handmade local goods from her small factory, in Goumenissa Village.

Secret family recipes that go way back in time along with her devotion in tradition inspired her into hand-making sweet delicacies, which now decorate store shelves all over the world

egkainia prwtou ergostasiou

Opening of our first factory, in Goumenissa Village, in 2000

stegnwma zymarikwn ston hlio

Drying handmade pasta under the sun.

dimitra dartsi

Demetra making handmade pasta in 2001

In 2012, Anna Kezou, Demetra’s daughter, returned from Brussels, after finishing her studies, and took a lot of initiatives, giving a new vision to the company. In 2017, Maria Kosmatopoulou, completed the strong women team, and helped out with her years long experience in marketing and sales.

Within a decade, these women have successfully created multiple new product ranges with plenty of love and passion, relocated in a new state-ofthe-art facilities and modernized their equipment at the same time. Now, they are supplying more than 1000 spots in Greece and abroad.


From the first years «Goumenisses» excellent and delicious products, have won their place in well known Deli and traditional food stores, luxury hotels and super market chains all over the country.

egkainia prwtou ergostasiou

Our booth in Food Expo 2012

stegnwma zymarikwn ston hlio

Presentation of Sweet Preserves

dimitra dartsi

Chef’s testings in Anuga exhibition

Over the years, «Goumenisses» were awarded by several prominent chef’s and competitions in Greece and abroad.

ergostasio goumenisses


«Goumenisses» now produce more then 150 different handmade products in more than 20 different categories. However, this wasn’t enough for them.    They are constantly developing new delicatessen products, inspired by local traditional recipes.    At the same time though, they adapted their R&D into international and Mediterranean food trends, as well as modern consumer needs. One of their main focus now is vegan, low salt, no sugar, gluten free and special nutrition products. With the experienced Christos Velianis, as head of the R&D department, they promise us new culinary journeys for the future.


Demetra Dartsi, wanting to honor her birth place and its people, chose the name of her small village as the brand name. The logo is inspirated from the authentic, handmade, wooden window of the region making a comparison with the purity and authenticity of her products. At the same time, an open window is also representing the willingness of Goumenisses to seek new challenges, dreams and of course flavors!


«The natural beauty of mount Paiko, filled with the colors and flavours of the Greek Macedonian land, Goumenissas’s traditions, secret recipes of the elders, the simple, everyday people, who pick the best out of the Greek land and most importantly the hope that this world is not only industrial. I produce the same pure, authentic, traditional and healthy delicacies with which I raised my children...»

Demetra Dartsi
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