Goumenisses is the fertile land; the pure ingredients; the value of tradition; skilful hands that display artistry when cooking; but also professionalism, vision, and fresh ideas.

It was in 2000 when we set up our workshop, in order to reproduce all the savories that we loved during our childhood. We enrich our recipes with everything that our grandmothers taught us:carefully selected raw materials but also the art and love for what we are doing.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables; sheep’s milk; and eggs, arrive every morning to our workshop. All of our raw materials come from local producers and they are homegrown. These are the ingredients of our products which result in the production of the spoon sweets and the homemade jams; the sauces and the traditional Greek pastas; called “chilopites” and “trachanas”.

Our production starts in May when the land is in full bearing, and it ends in February, so that there is sufficient product stock for the whole year. We cook and produce our goods in a traditional way. After that, we pack them carefully and safely, free from preservatives and substitutes.

Namely, one of our favorite specialties is the quince paste. It is a very old local recipe that lasted over the years. Additionally, it is the “pipernies” dip; also a local recipe which is made of fresh peppers; tomatoes and eggplants, the “traditional Thessaloniki’s mustard” and our risotto with wild mushrooms. For the production of our spoon sweets and jams; we use exclusively fresh fruits of the Mount Paiko and we cook them in the old traditional way; they boil slowly in small copper pans.

This way, their taste recalls us images and smells of our childhood; when fruits used to have delicious taste. Our jams contain up to 92% of fruit, since their only ingredients are sugar and fruits.

We are all for the good taste and the nutritional value of the traditional greek cooking, and we expect that our products will contribute to your well-being.

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