Dimitra Dartsi is the foundress and creator of the company. She was born and raised in Goumenissa, well versed in local products and the taste of the traditional foods and sweets. Since she was a child, she observed her mother and grandmother, while they were selecting the best fruits of their land, in order to make homemade jams, sweet preserves, sauces and other delicacies. Family cooking secrets, sweet memories and love for tradition were the three main factors that inspired and prompted her to spread the homemade delicacies to the store shelves.

Today along with her daughter Anna, they form the dynamic combination of Goumenisses. They have already conquered the Greek market and their products have fairly gained their place to some of the most well-reputed delicatessens in Greece, hotels, restaurants and market chains. Moreover, the last years they have accomplished exports in some of the biggest cities worldwide while their products have been awarded several times and they have been selected from some of the most popular Greek chefs.

With love for good taste and the nutritional value of traditional cuisine, “Goumenisses” cooks like at home and aspire to find a place in the kitchens of the world.

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